Lime Roadmap

I'm in an independent study class at my high school, and for it we're supposed to come up with a "roadmap" for the projects we're working on. I'm working on Lime as a part of this class, so I was supposed to write out a plan with times. Here's what I came up with

  • September 20: Get bootloader/os written in Lime working
  • October 20: Get lambda lifting and higher order functions working
  • December 20: Present at QED (a local high school math conference)
  • January 20: Run benchmarks and comparisons to C, Chez Scheme, and Haskell to determine performance
  • February 20: Get basic optimizer working (constant folding, deforestation, other standard techniques)
  • March 20: Fully Lisp hygenic macro system

This is subject to change! I'll edit this post if I change my schedule.